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Zite is my primary way to get information on all things education. What I like about it, is that it is like my own personal newspaper. You can choose the categories that you are interested in, and it will automatically pull various articles from the web for you to read. It is also very easy to share via twitter, facebook or email.

Some of my categories include: Gadgets, Apple News, Social Media, Tech, Education, Literacy, iOS Apps.

It’s free! This is a great teacher resource!

Wonders of the Universe

I just had the chance to get a free download of the app, Wonders of the Universe by Brian Cox, who is a physics professor. For $5.99 this is an amazing ebook with great resources about the solar system. It allows you to go on a 3D tour of the universe. I didn’t know that he also has a series on the BBC which is definitely worth a look!

When should I update?

Many teachers are concerned about updating apps and it’s important to know that you don’t have to update that often!! Sometimes that actually updates are so minor that you do not need to rush into it.

I had one instance where the update really changed how the app was working…but usually I only update the apps about once a month. You will not hurt anything by waiting – I promise!

More comp practice…

I haven’t downloaded this app yet, but I’m thinking of trying it out. It looks like more comprehension practice with a variety of passages both nonfiction and fiction. It’s $2.99 but that also includes all of the content and there are no in app purchases. What do you think? Could this be a valuable tool?

Solar System

I really enjoyed teaching the solar system unit (I would have liked to take it a bit further!). While there are many great free apps out there, it is so beneficial to spend the few dollars to get a quality application. eBooks are an awesome resource for kids because it is so much more interactive. I found that Interactive Minds: Solar System, was a great resource for my students. Check out this youtube clip that guides you on a walk through of the app.


ABCya has been one of my favorite web resources since I began teaching. There are wonderful 4th grade games that are web based, but they also have apps that are great for Geography/Location/Maps. Check out these 2 apps that my student’s enjoy using. Stack the States is $.99 and Stack the Countries is $1.99.



I started off my new year in fourth grade ready to dive into apps that would be additional resources to the curriculum. It was very hard to find resources when I’ve been learning about the 4th grade curriculum as the year goes by. Now that it is already January, I feel more comfortable searching for grade level appropriate topics that could hopefully be a good addition to next year’s implementation of the iOS devices/BYOD trial.

The BYOD trial is going extremely well. The apps that I am using most are: KidBlog, BrainPOP, Edmodo, and Socrative. I am looking forward to adding more and more apps each year that go along with 4th grade topics!


Lewis and Clark

I just discovered this app that seems to be a great addition to our Social Studies lessons on Lewis and Clark. The app is $1.99 but may be a good investment for the grade level. The company, Gibbs Smith Education is looking to create more history apps for kids. Looking forward to seeing what else they come up with.

Critical Thinking Games

While we all know the iPads are great for learning, my students also love to play games on them. Here is a great article that contains apps that are great for critical thinking! One of my favorites is, Where’s the Water? It’s very age appropriate and students love the challenge. This app is $.99 but definitely worth it!

Apple Support

I just wanted to remind everyone that Apple has AWESOME discussion forums for anything that you need help with. If something isn’t working with your iPads, someone else has probably had the same problem! It’s very easy to use – this is always my first stop when I have a problem that I can’t solve. Check it out, click the apple!