Great Storytelling Sites

There are so many great storytelling sites out there! Here are a few of my favorites. These sites will note work the iPad but are great resources!

My Story Maker

It’s so easy to create a story with My Story Maker. Students are guided through each page and are given a chance to choose characters, setting and theme of the story. Once they are finished, they are given a code so that others can log in and view their creations! It is also easy to print and share. What I like the most is that My Story Maker guides them through the story making process and checks their work. If something doesn’t make sense, the site will ask you a question to clarify your work.


StoryBird is a great site to create short stories that are based on various art work. Students get to choose the artwork to create their story. These stories are easy to embed on a website, or these can be shared with parents and they can order them at a low price!

There are so many great comic creators online. I have tried many of them, but these are a few that my students have enjoyed the most!

Lego Comic Creator

Marvel Comic Creator


Cool Comic Creators from @KBKonnected

The Zimmer Twins

The Zimmer Twins is a new site that I’ve found that allows students to create their own videos with 100s of different options for storytelling. It is easy to add text, change setting/characters and share with friends!

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